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The Details

​Height: 5’1 

Weight: 85 lbs 


Age: 31

Clothing: 32C // XXS or 00

Shoes: 4.5 or 5

Tattoos: None

Enhancements: None

Piercings: Ears 


Grooming: Trimmed

About Nora...



Finding and sharing good music is a love language of mine. From yacht rock to bossa nova and Detroit techno, I always have a new song stuck in my head. Do you have some recommendations to share with me? I hope so!



I'm currently working my way through the Russian classics and keep up with all the current events in science, art, and technology.


I enjoy traveling both for work and leisure. I'd love to hear your travel stories or make a future memory together. Some of my favorite recent destinations include Lisbon, Montreal, Reykjavik, and the west coast of France.



I love podcasts, documentaries, historical period dramas, and tuning into philosophy lectures on youtube.


Gift Ideas

Modern and classic books to pique my curiosity and grow my bookshelves


Little indoor plants

Lingerie from Fleur du Mal, Agent Provacateur, Edge o' Beyond, Bordelle

Sweets to share - favorites are green tea kit kats and salted licorice, but I will never argue with strawberries and champagne

A local spirit (I mean alcohol, no ghosts please)

A handwritten note inside of a card


I always appreciate and never expect a thoughtful gift and you can be sure I'll find a way to reciprocate my joy :)

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